An evangelical missionary has access to the locations of Brazil’s uncontacted tribes

There are over 100 uncontacted tribes in Brazil.
© G. Miranda/FUNAI

Write to Brazil’s Justice Minister now to get this dangerous move reversed

The government of Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s far right, authoritarian president, recently confirmed the appointment of an evangelical missionary to head the unit charged with protecting uncontacted tribes within FUNAI, the federal Indigenous Affairs Department.

Ricardo Lopes Dias, the evangelical missionary now head of FUNAI’s Uncontacted Indians Department
© Ricardo Lopes Dias

Join us now to help #StopBrazilsGenocide

The NTM is determined to reverse this landmark policy. Its president in Brazil, Edward Luz, told the BBC that missionaries should be free to act in any indigenous villages, including contacting uncontacted communities and that: “There has to be a policy of approaching these peoples.”

Chagabi worked for decades alongside his people to defend their ancestral land and uncontacted relatives. He died in 2019 from a respiratory disease he caught as a result of contact.
© Gerald Henzinger/Survival

Join us now to help #StopBrazilsGenocide

Arriving uninvited in remote tribal communities, bristling with expensive technology (two-way radios, satellite phones, outboard motors, light aircraft,) and armed with merchandise and medicines they are perceived as powerful and wealthy and there to help.

Uncontacted Yanomami yano (communal house) in the Brazilian Amazon, photographed from the air in 2016
© Guilherme Gnipper Trevisan/FUNAI/Hutukara
Damares Alves, the evangelical pastor appointed as Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights.
©Geraldo Magela/Senado Federal do Brasil



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