500 years later: Contemporary conquistadores and modern-day Mayflowers

Zapatistas in Madrid on their European tour. © Sara Mediavilla/Survival
  • In Paraguay, the uncontacted Ayoreo live on the run, escaping the cattle ranchers’ bulldozers that are destroying their land
  • In Brazil, President Bolsonaro has waged war against Indigenous Peoples. If his government succeeds in eliminating Land Protection Orders that protect Indigenous lands from loggers, miners and other invaders, whole peoples could be wiped out.
  • In Peru, unless their lands are legally recognized and protected, uncontacted tribes will continue to face the constant threat of extractive industries and invaders.
The #MayflowersKill campaign is a partnership between tribal members in the U.S. and Survival International to amplify the story of Native American genocide internationally, reveal how it’s now being repeated in other continents, and show how it can and must be stopped.
© Survival



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Survival International


Survival International is the global movement for tribal peoples. We help them defend their lives, protect their lands and determine their own futures.